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The Daouli Drum: Experiencing music, expressing Pontic culture.

Daouli is a wooden cylinder, covered at both parallel ends with skin held taut by rope and is principally a rhythmic instrument. It is played by striking the drum-head with two specially made wooden drumsticks, held one in each hand. For the right-handed drummer, the drum-beater held in the left hand is very thin and […]

Zurna - Folk - Traditional Musical Instruments - Folkway

Zurna: The essential folk musical instrument along Daouli drum.

The zurna is a wind instrument played in central Eurasia, ranging from the Balkans to Central Asia. It is usually accompanied by a daouli (davul) in Anatolian folk music. The zurna is a woodwind instrument used to play Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian folk music. The zurna is a conical oboe, made from the fruit tree Apricot and uses […]

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Pentozali: The tradermark folk dance of Crete through the years.

The character of Crete and the Cretans is reflected in their music and dance: Crete is one of the very few places in Greece where the traditional music heritage is growing rather than remaining static or even withering away. Contemporary Cretan dance is especially energetic, fast and characterized as warlike and aggressive. Many dances are for […]

Folkway - Folk - Traditional - Folklore - Kotsari - Dance - Pontic Greeks

Kotsari: The true folk-dance culture of Pontiac Hellenism.

The Kotsari is a popular dance amongst Pontic Greeks. It was danced in the eastern regions of Pontus such as Argyroupolis, Bayburt and primarily by the Pontic people of Kars. The dance was introduced to the Upper Matsoukans in the last decades prior to the Exchange and it is sometimes said that the Matsoukans learnt the […]

Folkway - Greek Morals - Folklore - Traditional - Rocket War - Chios

Vrontados “Rocket War”: Chios’ oldest moral is still alive during Easter.

Vrontados is located among the north side of Chios and is the second largest city of the island. The moral of fire rockets (fireworks) has its own roots during the years of the Turkish recidency in the island. Hence, the citizens of Chios keep this moral alive every Holy Saturday, because of the Orthodox Easter. […]