Participation Terms & Conditions

Through the FolkWay project, you can always find our suggestions for your traditional groups in order to take part in the 2016 International Festivals which will take place not only in Greece, but also in some of the European capitals.

Please note that the cost of the International Festivals is mainly given by the organizers and there is no charge fee for our mediation. FolkWay does have co-operation with them and during our FolkWay Festivals, we usually exchange and recommend innings as well as festival activities.

Thus, the only extra cost if you decide to participate in any of these International Festivals (apart from FolkWay Festivals) is 150 EUR for our services to all folklore groups: (update information, support, application acceptance, guarantee participation – participation procedure).

Moreover, we are always at your disposal for any information that you may want either through our contact form via our website (general information – questions) or by completing the participation form which is located in the event page of all the International Festivals.