FolkWay – Since When?

Concerning the International Tradition Festivals, FolkWay organized – under the ProPantos alias – during the summer 2012, in collaboration with the municipality of Katerini, the 1st International Tradition Festival in various places of Pieria. It has been an event related to the festivities for the Centenary and has been crowned with a great success. A little under one year after, on summer 2013, at the beginning of July, we successfully carried out in co-operation with the Municipality of Pydna – Kolindros, the 2nd International Tradition Festival and two months later, on August, the 3rd International Tradition Festival, in behalf of the Municipality of Dion – Litochoron.

Moreover, during the summer 2014, at the first days of July, Folkway organised in a satisfying way the 4th International Tradition Festival, with a mutual effort by the Municipality of Pydna – Kolindros, and two months later, in August of the same year, the 5th International Tradition Festival with the contribution of the Municipality of Dion – Litochoron.

Artistically selected worldwide groups and mainly from the European countries have largely participated in each of those above mentioned events and the number of artists attained globally reached the number of more than 4000 invdividuals.

Furthermore, Cultural Seminaries on subjects related to Greek Tradition (Customs & Habitudes, Songs, Dances) have been organized from 2009 up today, in the further District of Pieria, in collaboration with the Thrace Treasury and local entities.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the Summer & Winter Schools and Cultural Camps for immigrants (including the learning of Greek language through the Greek civilization) by means of educational folklore programs in co-operation with the Thrace Treasury.