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Santuri (Zither): Α stringed instrument widely developed by the Greeks in Asia Minor.

The zither is a stringed percussion instrument level. The name comes from the Greek word Psalter through the Persian language zither.

It is an ancient musical instrument invented probably in Persia from which spread both to India and China , and west to the Middle East and the Balkans. The zither is made usually from wood walnut. It has a trapezoidal shape on which horizontally lifted and superimposed metal strings 72, in threes for each phoneme, thus yielding 24 notes, the longest strings at the bottom and smaller at the top. The strings of this instrument, “tune” to 1/4 with special “lugs” commonly carried on the right side of the body and which are subjected to impact with small rods, the ends of which bearing metal hammers (like teaspoons). The zither is mainly used in traditional music of Greece and other Middle Eastern countries.