FolkWay Services

We – as FolkWay – are able to support thoroughly any kind of folklore events (traditional festivals, congresses, seminars, exhibitions) during all the steps of their final realization.

Below you can find a detailed list of our folklore services supported by Folkway all these years:

  • The main idea of the final event.
  • The basic planning and the total organization.
  • Booking & arrangement of the main event venue.
  • Any kind of event sponsorships & advertising.
  • The printing of the invitation cards & leaflets as well as their dispatching.
  • Any required equipment needed for an open air event.
  • Musical coverage of the main folklore event as well as the decoration and the catering.
  • Το provide staff in order to cover all needs during and after the folklore event.
  • The presentation of nominated invited people during the event.