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Pentozali: The tradermark folk dance of Crete through the years.

The character of Crete and the Cretans is reflected in their music and dance: Crete is one of the very few places in Greece where the traditional music heritage is growing rather than remaining static or even withering away. Contemporary Cretan dance is especially energetic, fast and characterized as warlike and aggressive. Many dances are for […]

Folkway - Folk - Traditional Musical Instruments - Laouto

Laouto: Part of Cretan folklore music over the ages.

The laouto is a long-neck fretted instrument of the lute family, found in Greece and Cyprus, and similar in appearance to the oud. The name comes from the lute. It is played in most respects like the oud (plucked with a long plectrum). The role of the laouto in Greek traditional music is primarily that of […]

Folkway - Folk - Traditional - Folklore - Sousta - Dance

Sousta: Danced in Crete, performed in Cyprus with a Balkan way!

Sousta is the name of a folk dance in Cyprus and Crete which and generally in the Balkans region. The music is generally played with a lyre (lyra) (Cretan & Pontian) (or violin), laouto, and mandolin.There are elements of eroticism and courtship acted out in the dance, which is usually performed by pairs of men and women dancing […]