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Vrontados “Rocket War”: Chios’ oldest moral is still alive during Easter.

Vrontados is located among the north side of Chios and is the second largest city of the island. The moral of fire rockets (fireworks) has its own roots during the years of the Turkish recidency in the island. Hence, the citizens of Chios keep this moral alive every Holy Saturday, because of the Orthodox Easter. Commonly, it is an exachange of fire between the two largest parishes of Chios, the Saint Marc and the Panagia of Erythriani.

Initially, the residents of these two parishes are opposed and they use hand-made cannons in order to shoot the fireworks to the other side. The materials used are sulfur and gunpowder and their manufacture requires great attention and experience in order to eliminate the accidents. The preparation of the fire rockets begins almost immediately after the Easter in order to be ready for the next year celebrations. Nowadays, the quantity of the used fire rockets is up to a few thousands and the celebration show on the spring sky of Chios during the evening of the Resurrection is truly spectacular.